Sales Activity Management is more than our name…it’s about the Concept upon which the Company was built.  We created a new industry around the old adage – We Reap What We Sow – and are committed to making a difference.

SAM provides custom activity management tools for individual producers, firms and home offices that bring this business-building strategy to life…and business to enhance On-boarding, Productivity and Retention!  .

We inspire you with the CONCEPT
and equip you with the TOOLS . . .
that help YOU build your business!

Industry Supporters since 1999


Appointment per week could make or break a sales career


Average 4-year Retention Rate of Agents/Advisors


How much your income could increase by keeping score!

The Concept

Activity management helps you create your own road map for success and manage the numbers and the only thing that you can control: ACTIVITY.  Defined as “the empowering process of identifying, managing and measuring your high-payoff activities in order to continually improve results”, it will help you control the direction of your business.

Activity Management is . . .

A formula for success that is proven and repeatable
A business-building strategy that inspires confidence
An empowering concept that promotes personal responsibility

We are on a Mission to inspire confidence and success and provide the tools that bring this empowering concept and strategy to life…and business.

But perhaps even more importantly…
We believe that encouraging the acceptance of responsibility for one’s actions and results in business and in our personal lives can help make this world a little better place.  Can you imagine what this world would be like if everyone did?  We even created the “5 Habits of Success” card to help people achieve their goals and to promote personal responsibility.  If you’d like, we will send you one!

We created a new industry around an old concept: we reap what we sow!
SAM Tools

Launched in 1995 to make a difference, SAM provides paper and cloud-based tools for sales professionals and leaders that are designed to complement each other, but are available separately.

All SAM Tools are customized around the way you do business to make them easier to use and to optimize buy-in for you, your colleagues and team. (Over 1 Million Sold across the financial services industry alone!)


Inspiring Confidence and Success™