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SAM INC. Founder releases new book: 

BIG GOALS…Short Deadlines

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Sales Activity Management, Inc. is more than our company name…it is an empowering concept and strategy for success, proven for decades and built into the SAM tools and SAM University…to help you Build Your Business!


Where you can learn more about the SAM Concept and how the Company created an entirely new industry.


Whether it’s the SAM Planners, eScoreBoard™ or eRecruitBoard™, here is where you can get an overview of your choices.


The SAM Store is where you can peruse, compare and order our Planners or inspirational books online or request a demo of our Cloud-based solutions.


Here you get access to resources and training on the concept and all the SAM Tools. Stage one of SAM University is launched and more is coming!

Activity Management provides a road map and consistent systems to get on track, stay on track and to create a high performance culture in addition to helping you:

Time & Activity

You cannot manage time, only activity; we help you optimize both.

Achieve Goals

We help you focus on your goals and the activities necessary to achieve them.

Increase Productivity

The quantity & quality of your activities will determine your productivity.


All businesses need the right tools to get on track and stay there.

Increase Retention

Success and predictability are key factors to increasing retention.

Pipeline Management

From our planners to eRecruitBoard, we help you manage your pipeline.

SAM…puts you in control! We take a holistic, process-oriented approach and provide all the resources you need to implement a goal and activity-based business management system for producers, managers and home office leaders. In many ways, it’s like financial planning for a practice. It’s never too late to be more focused, organized and disciplined…and collaborate for success.