SAM is more than our company name…it’s about the Concept upon which the Company was built. We all have the potential to achieve great things and Activity Management doesn’t leave success to chance when it comes to On-boarding, Productivity and Retention. 

As the founder of SAM searched for the keys to success, it was discovered that “Time Management is a Misnomer” since you cannot actually manage Time, at least not literally. You can’t stop it or start it, buy it, borrow it, sell it or lease it… all you can do is spend it!

How you spend your Time is what Activity Management is all about. It is a concept and strategy for business that doesn’t leave success to chance…and it is what we consider to be “The Most Empowering Concept in the World!”

We created a new industry around an old concept: we reap what we sow!

Launched in 1995 to make a difference, Sales Activity Management, Inc. (SAM) created a new industry around an old concept: We reap what we sow.” Today, we are the industry standard providing tens of thousands of clients each year with custom activity management tools and systems to help them achieve their goals, manage success and control the direction of their business. 

How?  SAM empowers you with the Concept and equips you with the Tools that bring this business building strategy to life!


Freedom – Excellence – Accountability – Spirit – Teamwork – Responsibility